The five (5) member faculty of the Biology Department is one of the youngest chronologically but also one of the most innovative and capable at No. 14 Hangzhouz Middle School. One of its members, Fang Cun, was honored as the Zhejiang provincial teaching stars of the future and one of the “Top Ten Young Teachers in Hangzhou.” His colleagues were also named as new teaching stars for the District and two were nominated as Hangzhou teaching stars.

The Biology Department has brought great honor to No. 14 Middle School through the competitive achievements of its students. Our students were the group winners in the National Biology Olympic Competition (Zhejiang competition area) for five (5) successive years, 1999 through 2004. In 2003, Meng Linyan was awarded the Gold Medal in the Gold Medal for Biology at the 14th International Biology Olympiad at Minsk, Belarus. Her performance brought great honor to the Department, the School, and to the Country.

The Members of the Department actively work on the development of new general curricula, while tutoring selected students for competition. Their paper on “Research Approaches to High School Biology Teaching” received the second prize among in Zhejiang Teaching Results Contest of High School Science Research.”

The faculty of the Biology Department is united with its most productive period still in front of it. We look forward to even greater achievements from it on behalf of our students.