Although the Computer Sciences Department of No. 14 Middle School is one of our smaller instructional units at five (5) professionals, it is one of our most accomplished. Three (3) of its members are party members and winners of the “Rising Star Teaching Award” for the City of Hangzhou. Three (3) of its members are the editors of the municipal computer sciences high school teaching curriculum while one of its members is the co-chairman of the Hangzhou Computer Sciences Teaching Group. The staff of this Department is both technically proficient and politically orthodox.

The Computer Sciences Department is one of the most advanced in the City of Hangzhou engaging in teaching and curriculum development. It recently held a national seminar on “Advanced Methods of Middle School Computer Instruction.”

Students of the Department have done extraordinarily well at municipal, provincial, national, and international competitions. At the 2003 “Hangzhou Science and Technology Festival for the Primary and Middle School Students,” our students who the team title for their “Intelligent Robot;” the second place in the Internet applications competitions, and third place in computer applications overall. Our students won first place in the NOIP(National Olympiad Informatics in Provinces)with fourteen students receiving provincial prizes. The performance of No. 14 Middle School was the best in the City of Hangzhou. One our students, Lou Tianchen, was selected for the national team and won the gold medal at the International Olympiad Informatics in 2004. Our Department received the commendation awarded by the Zhejiang provincial education department and has been charged with the national task of exploring “Research on the Learning Ability with Internet.”

To summarize, the Computer Sciences Department” is one with the most technically proficient committed to the instruction of our students. It is dedicated to professional development and to improvement of instructional methodologies and curricula through both individual and group effort.