The Social Sciences Department of No. 14 Middle School is composed of nine (9) faculty members: one (1) educational specialist, two (2) senior instructors, and three (3) journeyman instructors. Three (3) members of the Department possess postgraduate degrees. This well-qualified group is responsible for student instruction in political science, economics, and political thought. During the first two (2) high school years, sociology is also taught. The more senior members of the Department provide guidance and encouragement for its more junior members. In addition to the primary task instruction of student instruction, its members engage in research and professional writing. A number of articles written by members of the Department have been published in academic and scholarly journals. For example, in 1999, seven (7) members of the Department received one third of the prizes awarded at the Zhejiang Provincial Conference on Politics.
The teachers in the Department strive to implement the ideals of the National Education Conference. They devote themselves to the promotion of quality education, critical thinking, creativity, and the development of responsible citizenship in our society. The Department seeks to give meaning to the practice of educational reform: “Small class, Big society!”