The Industrial Arts Department at No. 14 Middle School combines theory with actual practice. In keeping with our desire to develop complete and well-rounded citizens for our country, our school has established a number of compulsory practical “Industrial Arts” courses. These courses include mechanical drawing, electric shop, cartography, locksmithing, bicycle maintenance, photography, sewing, cooking, crafts, and model making. The instructors in this Department have a superb command of their specific subject areas making it one of the outstanding Industrial Arts Departments in all of Hangzhou.

While teaching, the members of our Department perform applied research as well. They have written portions of Industrial Arts textbooks used in Zhejiang province. These are “Locksmith Technology,” “Home Appliance Repair,” “Model Making,” and “Electrical and Computer Installation.” Their efforts, however, are not confined to the purely practical. Their monograph, “How to Cultivate Students’ Creativity in Learning Laboring Technique” won the first prize in the Laboring Technique Discourse Assessment of Zhejiang province and another first prize in the activity of the Reform and Development of Laboring technique Education which held by Central Education and Science Institute. Their paper on “Research into Crystal Diodes” won the second prize in the assessment of provincial high school research study.