The faculty of the English Department at No. 14 Middle School consists of twenty-two (22) bi-lingual teaching professionals. Of these instructors, one is an educational specialist, and nine (9) are senior instructors. The normal practice of the Department is also to have four (4) native speakers of English from Australia, Europe, or North America on staff and in residence at the School. It is our belief that these foreign members of our Department add to the English language proficiency of our students as well as broaden their cultural and intellectual horizons.

The Department believes that the best foreign language instruction occurs through intensive instruction in both the formal structure and intensive classroom conversation, solely in English. We promote instructional innovation through task-based learning within an ordinary classroom period. Our students learn to think as well as speak in English.

Teachers in the Department are studying the most effective methods of language instruction including the use of the CEC English Club and the “English Corner.” Our student, Sun Hui, won first place in 2001 in the Speech Contest for Middle School students in Zhejiang Province.

Our students competed in the national composition contest for high school students, winning two first class and five second class prizes during 2003.

Chen Yan, one of the members of the Department received second prize in the 7th Annual “Red Candle Cup,” a contest for among English teachers in Hangzhou in 2004.